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June 26, 2013

A Few Photos from Happy Hollow. There's a Goat. And a Pony.

From takeout from a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, to Christopher's graduation, I can't even tell you what a wonderful time we had while we were in San Jose. The Mitchell side of the family was just thrilled to be together, and we really had a near-perfect trip. We also learned that Maile would be more than at home on a hobby farm. Or a real farm. (Here's where I whine, for the millionth time, about the fact that our zip code isn't zoned for chickens. Or goats. Or anything farmy.)

I can't wait to share more of our trip with you! But for now, I leave you with this thought: that third photo? Both of Maile's grandmothers give her that same look. I love it so, so, heart-exploding much.

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  1. She's just too cute! Love that look and the animals!! :)

  2. As a farm girl, I have to say I'm so happy to hear M likes the critters.
    Critters bring such joy to people.
    And may I say she is so stinking cute. LOVE her purple shoes. SIGH.
    What a beautiful young girl she is turning into...
    Happy long weekend from CANADA!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Sandra! Critters bring such joy to people. Even though we live in suburbia, we have a cat, two dogs, and now -- two frogs! We are absolutely an animal-loving family. :)

      Happy Canada Day, my friend!

  3. aw! she's growing up so much!
    and that's so wild that you're not zoned for farm animals..i never even considered that that could be a possibility!

    1. She is! It's so bittersweet.

      Haha! I guess I didn't either, until we moved to the 'burbs. Now we know!