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November 21, 2014

A Sleigh Bell Rings

Jingle, jingle. Jing, jing, jingle.

The sound of sleigh bells is commonplace this time of year. Friends, family, and shops hang them on doors. The bells are equally warm greeting you, "So glad you're here!" as they are bidding you, "Farewell! Until next time."

It is the sound of a single sleigh bell that is the source of one of my favorite Christmas memories.

One snowy evening, Maile's first holiday season, I was stuck. Stuck in that hour or so before bath and bedtime when, as a new mom, you aren't quite sure what to do with your baby. Peek-a-boo'd out, every board book you own read a dozen times over, too cold and dark to go outside. So we sat. I plopped down with her in front of the Christmas tree. Maile's deep brown eyes were firmly fixed on the hundreds of twinkle lights in front of her. Satisfied, I allowed my mind to wander for the first time that day.

Our house was so silent, I could almost hear the heavy snowflakes falling outside, blanketing our semi-pastoral neighborhood in a thick, pillowy down. I imagined the cattle two blocks down grouped together -- fresh powder on their broad backs, their tails flicking from the huddle in nonsensical harmony. I thought about the local prairie dogs piled in their dens, warm and dry and sleepy. Prairie dogs have family units just like people, you know ... I mentally told no one in particular. The sweet, savory aroma of warming cider suspended in the heated air.

Jingle, jingle. Jing, jing, jingle.

I was gently brought back by a tiny girl's tiny hand grasping the dark green bough in front of her. 

Jingle, jingle. Jing, jing, jingle, it sang.

I remember feeling that I was exactly where I was meant to be, a sense that so often eludes people.

Like many best memories, there are no pictures to look back on, yet I can still see, hear, smell that moment in time, as if it was just last night.

Thanks so much to the artist Patience Brewster for inspiring this post. If you are looking for whimsical ornaments, full of wonder -- involving sleigh bells or otherwise -- I encourage you to visit her page.

I'd love to read about your Christmas memories, sweet or silly, in the comments!

April 4, 2014


My favorite iPhone pic from the past week:

Maile, in deep thought, looking almost upset. When I asked her if everything was okay, she replied, "Mom, I have a tough patient in my clinic, so I need you to be very quiet when I think of a diagnosis." Well okay, then!

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April 2, 2014

Baby Boy

It's still kind of hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, we'll have a little boy. As Maile gets older, I realize that even though I'm athletic, and am a rabid sports fan, I'm also pretty girly, and I love having a girl.

Equally fun (and terrifying, ha!) though, is picturing having a mini Tim cruising around our home. And I sure know Tim is thrilled to be evening the playing field around here. Above are a few things that I'm currently loving, from around the web, for our little man ...

1. A classic we somehow don't yet own. Probably due to Maile's extreme love for its companion book, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? | 2. The perfect tee. | 3. These slouchy pants are awesome. | 4. This masked, handmade plush has stolen my heart! | 5. Lindsey was so sweet to send us a custom pillow cover, and I can't wait to see it in the nursery. | 6. Little Hip Squeaks is quickly becoming a new baby standard, and the mint color of this blanket is totally on trend. | 7. A handmade, wooden, off-road adventure set. Dad would approve. | 8. His first pair of moccs will have to be Freshly Picked, of course.

March 21, 2014


On the first day of spring, Maile and I met a fellow blogger and her sweet daughter, in Denver, for some good quality play time. The girls were kind of all over the place, so we didn't get to chat as much as I would've liked, but it is such a great feeling when someone you feel like you've gotten to know via the internet is just as nice in person! (It's not always that way.)

Maile and I spent the rest of our day running up and down the driveway in our bare feet, drawing "outsidewalk chalk" art in front of our home, drinking cold water "with ice cubes," and loving every bit of the beginning of a new season. I just wish this weather was supposed to last -- there's snow in the forecast for Saturday.

March 19, 2014

Maile & Mama

A few things that I'm currently loving, from around the web ...

1. Sweet little plush fiddle. Maile has been pretending to play the violin a lot; she'd love this! | 2. Essie's Fashion Playground. For both of us, of course. | 3. Perfect spring sandals! | 4. A fun DIY project to do together. | 5. A new watch. | 6. This printed dress for girls, that caught M's eye, is darling. | 7. An alternative to the plain white sheets on our little girl's bed. So cute. | 8. I'm an AG convert! These jeans look like they would be amazingly comfortable, post-baby. | 9. A 'diaper bag' for Mama. Awkward shoulder straps be gone -- backpacks are my new love.

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