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March 19, 2014

Maile & Mama

A few things that I'm currently loving, from around the web ...

1. Sweet little plush fiddle. Maile has been pretending to play the violin a lot; she'd love this! | 2. Essie's Fashion Playground. For both of us, of course. | 3. Perfect spring sandals! | 4. A fun DIY project to do together. | 5. A new watch. | 6. This printed dress for girls, that caught M's eye, is darling. | 7. An alternative to the plain white sheets on our little girl's bed. So cute. | 8. I'm an AG convert! These jeans look like they would be amazingly comfortable, post-baby. | 9. A 'diaper bag' for Mama. Awkward shoulder straps be gone -- backpacks are my new love.

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