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March 10, 2014

Keeping Calm in the Midst of a Storm

Our Friday can be described with the following words: Maile needed a nap.

Those close to us know that we plan appointments and outings around Maile's nap and bedtime schedules. Sure, there are times it isn't possible, but we do our darndest to make sure Baby Girl is getting the sleep she needs, when she needs it. Why? Because it makes all of our lives easier (and in this case, easier absolutely = happier). 

Except for we didn't have time for her to take a nap. You see, we returned home from Arizona late Tuesday night, a day later than we originally intended (family is fun ... and so is 75+ degree weather). And life has been one big delayed, rushed, trying-to-catch-up blur since then. So getting ready to go out for groceries, which should have taken us an hour, took three. There was a meltdown over thinking she wouldn't get to go. There were nearly inconsolable sobs over wanting me to snuggle, when all I really needed to do was find some pants. There was a sit-a-spell-on-Mama's-lap-even-though-I-still-wasn't-wearing-pants. There was an offer of snuggles with Dada. There were deep breaths, and a few rounds of Daniel Tiger songs. There were a few escaped harsh tones, which morphed into consoling words. 

Snacks help everyone. Not just little ones. A few slices of cheese and salami, and an apple and a pluot later, and we were all feeling a bit better. Hangry is definitely a legitimate mood.

We're hoping to get back to our regular schedule soon, and get Maile back to her usual, bright self. She was nothing but cuddles this weekend, and a new Elsa dress + doll, that she worked incredibly hard to get, helped a whole lot! I'm sure I'm crazy, but I've always liked Mondays because they provide a fresh start, so here's to today! 

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  1. Caroline's quit napping and it's so bad. She's wild and tired by about 5:30 everyday. I'm sad about it all. I love Mondays too - we must be weirdos. :)