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October 2, 2013

Hello, Hump Day!

Hiya, Wednesday! We love 'second week Wednesdays,' because they mean that Dada will be home to us in just a few short days, and -- let's face it -- everything is a lot more fun when our family is whole. 

This week so far, some of us wore mermaid costumes for the great majority of our waking hours (sorry to disappoint, but "some of us" = Maile). We made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We explored Hudson Gardens (the best time of year to meander this lovely, free! venue). We ate too many biscuits (with copious amounts of gravy) for breakfast. This week has been good.

Other plans include a girls date with our friend Shea, a yard sale with neighbors (so exciting, I know), and some new material for Real Oilfield Wives

Here's to the rest of the week! Hope yours is fab!

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  1. you know what would be super cute? a photo of mommy and maile in mermaid costumes. no? okay. :) glad to see you guys are having a great week and yay to your hubby coming home. i hear ya on it being more fun with the family as a whole. have a great rest of the week friend!

    1. Haha! Tim would probably say yes. He's always up for anything. ;) Hope the rest of the week is kind to you, as well!

  2. Is she wearing a smocked dress??? :) She must be feeling girly this week what with the mermaid outfit and all. Happy hump day!

    1. Yes, she sure is! She seems to be getting ever girlier, the older she gets. :) It's pretty fun. Have a great rest of the week, Meagan!