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September 27, 2013

Around This House

The cutest little ice cream face ever. With the sun shining through her hair, and those near-black, almond shaped eyes.

Someone likes pretending to sleep, right around what used to be her nap time. Part precious, part why-don't-you-still-take-naps-Miss-Maile?

I've been desperately trying to add an afternoon movie to our routine over the past week, as first trimester exhaustion has hit me full force.

A delectable meal of Crock Pot Savory Asian Meatballs. Tiny amount of work, big flavor ...

When Tim is home, we spend a lot of our time cooking dishes like this one.

Maile giving her dada a checkup. (He needed a shot!)

Maile's hair bow c/o Bizzy B Crafts.


  1. Ah your family is just so cute!
    Hope you are feeling well. Power thru Mumma. Good idea on the movies!! And doesn't popcorn make everything better!?
    Happy weekend.

    1. Yes. A favorite snack of mine, for sure! Hope you're having a great week, friend.