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July 8, 2013

See You There!

WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE! I am so excited to announce that Standpipe and Sprinkles is now See You There!

I'll be celebrating my one-year "blogiversary" next month, and the past couple of months, in particular, have been really eye-opening for me, as far as my goals for this blog, and how I want to present our space. I am thrilled with the new name (an homage to the way Tim and I end our phone calls when he's away), and of course I hope you love it, too!

I want to thank -- to the moon and back -- my designer Kristen, of Hello Monday Design, who's the talent behind our new look and branding. I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic she is, and how patient she was with me. (I freaked out a couple of days before install, and basically wanted to start over ... Ask me about my wedding dress fiasco sometime!) 

With this re-launch are coming a few other changes, as well:
  • You can now Pin all post images -- just scroll over to see the new feature!
  • A new Contact page, and email address
  • Updated About and A Love Story tabs
  • A Facebook page
  • You can also now purchase ads directly from the Sponsor tab. I've thought long and hard about sponsorship, and given the amount of inquiries I receive about product features (especially for Maile), I do believe this is a fair way to approach the growing business side of our blog. For a limited time, we're offering 10% off any 30-day ad -- just use code TAKEMEWITHYOU at checkout!

Over the next few days, things may continue to be in transition, so thank you in advance for being understanding.

Finally, thank YOU for reading, participating, and sharing. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have developed such wonderful relationships here, and that you genuinely care. Love, love, love you guys. Don't forget to update your reader or feed to the new URL || WWW.SEEYOUTHEREBLOG.COM




  1. Katie! It look so good, and love love the new name! :)

  2. looking good, Miss Katie!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. ;) Me too! Lots of love to my wonderful designer.

  4. Kristen is great! The new blog is so darling :)

    1. She's wonderful! Thank you so much, Michaela!

  5. I love it! It's clean and fresh and just looks GREAT!

    1. Thanks, Luana! I have to say I love it, too! I was looking to simplify, but still include the punchy colors I like so much, and Kristen absolutely delivered.

  6. Yay yay yay!!! I love it hon!

    ♥ Kyna

  7. I LOVE IT!!! So cute and fresh!!!