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July 11, 2013

Independence Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Maile and I celebrated -- just the two of us -- at home.

For dinner I made "cheesy beans and rice," aka one of Maile's favorite meals, bean burritos and cilantro-lime rice. And we enjoyed a little Birthday Party ice cream, too. So appropriate. ;)

It was a relaxed day ... and Maile was in a fantastic mood. I really couldn't have asked for much more. Except for Tim to be home, of course.

I even got to see a few fireworks, from our back patio.

I know summer officially started a few weeks ago, but I always feel like Independence Day means it's *really* summer now, so ...

Happy Summer!

Yesterday, I had the honor of guest posting for my friend Liz, of Yellow Finch; it'd mean the world to me if you'd visit her beautiful space, and read my thoughts on happiness and being an educated SAHM. xo


  1. low key fourth of july's are pretty great, if you ask me. she looks adorable and love her little red painted piggies. so cute! also love your new name and what it means. annnnnd lastly, loved your post at yellow finch. you're so right, the things that are unplanned sometimes are the best parts of us.

    1. They are! For some reason, it's one of my favorite holidays, so it's one of the few holidays I actually want to do something 'big,' like host a BBQ (or -- even better -- go to one), but we still had a wonderful day!

      And thank you for your encouraging words about my Yellow Finch post, friend!

  2. Enjoy your summer happy days! Your girl is adorable :)

  3. She is such a pretty little girl! I love that you could watch the fireworks from your porch! That sounds perfect. And I so agree with you. It's OFFICIALLY summer now! ;)