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April 10, 2013

Blog Spotlight

Welcome to another edition of Blog Spotlight. Today, I'm super excited to share The Lily Field with you! Brittany, the girl behind the blog, is one of the most genuine people I've come across in blogging, and she puts a lot of time into her refreshing corner of the web.

The Lily Field is full of date night ideas, natural living, and super fun family activities for those who follow the Church calendar (Catholic or not!). I always enjoy reading what Brittany has to say, and I know you will too.

Recently, I really related to this post about throwing tantrums before God. And I just about died over the perfect day her sweet hubby put together for her birthday.

When it comes down to it, The Lily Field is one giant breath of fresh blogging air. I'm really, really loving following along, and seeing Brittany's blog grow as more people discover her.

When you have a moment (or two, or ten), head on over and say hello!


  1. love finding new blogs. checking her out now!

  2. Brittany is my new favorite person, too! She's so genuine, and her family is too beautiful.

  3. thanks for the beautiful post, Katie!!! you have blessed me. made my day!!! so happy to share a little piece of "blog life" with you!!! XO