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January 20, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Maile: This week's portrait is about little details I'll remember about the day ... 

It's hardly noticeable here, but she asked me to curl her hair before our zoo outing. I curled the ends under just a smidgen, and she insisted that I leave her hair like that. "No bow, no bobby-pin. Just like Mama." 

I absolutely hate those silly pink sunglasses, but Maile loves them, and that's what matters; she also loves polka dots. 

The carousel is Maile's favorite thing. She will ask to ride it again, and again, and again ... carefully selecting a new animal she'd like to ride, with each turn. The thing is, you wouldn't know it. Once she's seated, she becomes lost in the experience. Her face stoic. Her eyes gone to another place. I cannot begin to tell you how overjoyed I was to capture this hint of a smile.

Part of Practising Simplicity's 52 project.

Last week, I particularly enjoyed Erica, and Kirsty's photos. Please, pay their lovely portraits a visit.


  1. She is beautiful, what a lovely way to document her through a photograph every week...love!
    Love, danica

  2. Love that hint of a smile! I've been doing this project for 2 weeks now (I missed the first week.), but wasn't sure if I needed to link up to anyone??? Hope she's feeling better soon as well!

    1. You can link up with Jodi, over at Practising Simplicity (practisingsimplicity.com) -- she's the founder of this project. :)

  3. I think those sunglasses are sheer perfection. ;)