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December 30, 2013

Christmas with My Family

Maile and I got to spend almost two weeks with my family, since Tim had to work over Christmas, and even when you're "used to it," spending Christmas alone just isn't fun. So, we packed a bag and caught a short flight to Iowa for the holiday. My baby sister was home from college, and my middle sister and her little family were able to stop in for a few days too, on their way to their new home in Phoenix. (So much closer than Brevard, North Carolina -- hooray!) Everyone's lives seem to be a whirlwind these days, so we had an especially wonderful time slowing things down for a bit.

And since all Maile can talk about now is Marmee and Papa, and Auntie Molly, and Auntie Em and Uncle Clark and "our Michael," this is me telling everyone that west is best, and we want you nearby! Miss you already.


  1. Long trips with family are so nice because you really get to relax, at least I do. :) I'm guessing if you chose to be there that long that it works for you too. Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, exactly! Overall, it was a very relaxing trip. Happy New Year to you too, Christina!

  2. that photo of maile in red is so gorgeous...

  3. Sometimes two weeks with the family is just what you need! I know Luke and I have really loved spending a couple weeks with my parents the past few weeks. :)