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December 4, 2013

A Movie with Dada

Long before we found out that I was pregnant with Maile, I dreamed of family movies. I couldn't wait for the day we'd pile in the car to go to the local theater, and I'd hand a tiny hand a ticket. We'd agonize over decisions like Junior Mints or Sour Patch Kids, order our popcorn with extra butter, and feel sneaky bringing a salt shaker into the theater with us. This summer, we took Maile to her very first movie theater movie (Monsters University), but she maybe wasn't quiiiiiiite old enough yet, and I've been looking forward to taking her to a movie she'll actually want to sit through. (Tim also took her to see Planes, which put her to sleep.)

So rewind to yesterday, when we showed Maile a trailer of Frozen, and she asked, "Dada take me to a movie?" and we got really excited.

She even ended up invited me too, which was good because I really wanted to watch Frozen. But the best part about this movie theater experience wasn't the movie, it was watching Maile -- she. was. entranced. And it was perfect.