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November 25, 2013

One Bowl Apple Almond Muffins

Someday, we think, Maile will become a renowned chef. That, or a veterinarian with an affinity for baking and cooking. In the meantime, our sweet girl is my number one idea machine and critic.

This afternoon, as I heaped a leftover black bean enchilada onto a plate for us to share, she tilted her head ... "Mama?" "Yes." "These 'chiladas are too spicy for Maile; can I have something different?" From the child who will eat Sriracha (we like spice around here). 

When it comes to breakfast, Maile is a creature of habit: scrambled eggs, steel cut oats, from-scratch biscuits and gravy. One morning last week though, she asked for muffins. "Sure!" I said, reaching for a mixing bowl. "After eggs," she clarified. Of course.

She really wanted to use apples in our recipe, and these One Bowl Apple Almond Muffins were the result. This recipe is paleo friendly, and easy to make vegan, too. For muffins, they are quite nutritious and not too sweet; Maile ate two straight out of the oven!

You can find the recipe here. Enjoy, friends.


  1. those muffins look delicious, i'll check the recipe!

  2. K, These look awesome! I checked out the recipe because I, of all things, still have to go to grocery shopping tonight for Thanksgiving, & thought this would be a great addition to my weekend spent at home. Sadly, I own all of 1 of the ingredients on the list. I know you're a big Target shopper, but is that really where you can grab all those oh-so-healthy ingredients? Or will Fresh Market trip be required? (You know how limited our fabulous college town's grocery options can be.)