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August 28, 2013

Pella: Part I

Our trip was great. We weren't quite sure what we were in for, driving 11 hours with Maile. We thought it might be hard, but surprisingly -- most of it wasn't, at all! Her sleep schedule even stayed mostly on track. And when one of our very first visits was to the famous Jaarsma Bakery, we knew it was going to be one awesome visit. Pella is known for its traditional Dutch architecture, and I have to say, it definitely has lovely European flair!

It was wonderful connecting with my parents, sister, and nephew (none of whom we get to see often enough), eating familiar meals, and just spending time in a small town, where everything moves a little slower (Denver may not be a frantic big city, but it's still a city).

Michael and Maile's cardigans c/o The Wishing Elephant. We let Michael borrow Maile's Monogrammed Cardigan for the day; he's such a cutie!

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  1. Kiddos in cardigans KILL me with cuteness. (Alliteration - fun!)

  2. As soon as I saw the 'ij' on the end of bakery, I knew it had to be Dutch! I didn't know there was a Dutch influence in that part of the country too. Love the clog photos! We did some of O's infant photos in giant clogs :)

    1. Yes, they have a big tulip festival in the spring, too -- we're thinking of visiting during that time. :)

      I need to see those pictures of O! We lived in Holland, Michigan for awhile, when I was younger, and there are photos of me and my sisters dressed up in traditional Dutch costumes. Too funny!

  3. Glad you had such a great visit! What a beautiful place and sweet photos! :)