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July 29, 2013

Western Wanderlust // Colorado's Great Sand Dunes

Our camping weekend, we enjoyed trying not to wake Maile (also, an orange koala), while lunging up sand dunes,

pretending we were in Saudi Arabia (yes, that is an untouched Colorado blue sky),

a photo op with friends (my high socks are to try to keep the sand out -- ha -- and Tim would like me to note that he is not, in fact, a redneck),

lots of pictures in sand (I'm still trying to get it out of everything!),

and many magical moments with the most adorable little ones.

We should have slept hard, but

we were on the edge of monsoon rains,

so we stayed awake listening to the hard, steady rain.

And wind.

Lots of wind, whipping around our tent.

Have you been camping this summer?

America's National Parks are so beautiful.

Full of inspiration, and life, and peace.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. How did I not know this existed?! Looks so stunning! :)

    1. I believe it's yet another well-kept Colorado secret! It's BEAUTIFUL!

  2. that sky is gorgeous! we're not too big on camping out, but then again, we haven't really researched places where we could truly enjoy the experience. might need to look into that!

    1. It was hot, but amazing! I think your family would love camping, Leah!

  3. That second picture is simply amazing!

  4. Amazing pictures! Looks like you had fun!

    www.shewritesherownstory.com xo