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April 16, 2013

This Week, on Real Oilfield Wives: Snail Mail

Today, I'm over at Real Oilfield Wives, challenging you to dig out your pretty stationery, a good pen, and write a few letters. In light of yesterday's events, I feel like a post about keeping in touch with those you love, with those who have affected your life positively, is appropriate.

Head on over, and let me know who you'll be sending snail mail to!



  1. I LOVE sending AND receiving mail. Lately with Clark on the go so much I get frustrated because I still have a card ready to send him if he's in one spot for longer than a day, haha.

    I don't always get letters out, but I try to write our grandparents once a month just to keep them updated (you know how they are with the phone)!

    Loved this one! Love you!

    1. I know you do! And I wish I was as good as you are about mail!

      Love you, too.

  2. Yeah! Great challenge. I LOVE snail mail - an old highschool friend and I still write letters to each other. Living in different countries, it's actually our only form of communication. We decided a few years back that we wouldn't succumb to email/facebook etc and just keep on writing. I'm a bit more slack then I used to be, but it's such a lovely tradition that I don't ever want to give up!

    1. Yes. Same here, Luana! And it is such a wonderful tradition ... I'm so happy I'm not the only one who wants to cling to it. ;)